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Voices of the Void

All Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs


Voices of the Void is a game created by mrdrnose. The game is inspired by Signal Simulator with the genre of a simulator game.

The game is mostly centered around a scientist, whom you assume the role as, who works in a remote research lab in the mountains of Switzerland tasked with gathering, processing, and saving signals from outer space.

When the signals are gathered and processed you can sell them to the other scientists at the facility for a currency known as credit in which you can buy upgrades and items from the shop.

In this game there are hundreds of signals and more are being added with every new update, these signals can range from normal celestial objects such as planets, stars, and etc, to rare objects such as satellites, unknown objects, and etc.

This game also features a large open world map with various structures, objects, and items scattered across it.

Some features, objects, and items that you may come across in this game are either references or literal crossovers from some other games that MrDrNose has made in the past. VOTV is set in the same universe as all of this.

Quite a bit of easter eggs that will be shown here in this archive will require "funny mode" to be turned on via settings, which can be done by solving a simple math equation following the order of operations

Aim of the forum:

With all this, in this game lies tons of easter eggs and secrets that either lie within the game itself, lore, or game files. This archive and webpage is dedicated to archive and record every single hidden secret or easter egg that exists within VOTV (Voices of the Void for short).


Whatever content you see on this archive, regardless if its wrong or right, must be kept to you and yourself only. While this website contains spoilers for VOTV, I do not intend to leak anything or ruin the VOTV experience for anyone. As stated this only serves as an archive of all secrets within the game and nothing more.

As for "misinformation" I would like to inform you that I am not attempting or trying to misinform anyone about anything in the game. This game is a bit large and quite hard to keep up with especially as a one man project.


Note: This game has not been fully released and there may be secrets and easter eggs that have not been discovered which may render this archive outdated.

Voices of the Void:

If any new secret or hidden easter egg pops up you may contact me through here: