Other Worlds


Within the game files are several worlds that don't classify as either an anomaly or as a test level. Some of these you can already get access to. While some will require you to manually load it up.


Old gameplay test map. It features 2 terminals, 6 drives, 8 satellites all named "Barbel", and a prototype ATV, which can't be driven due to broken code.

VOTV Archive Image VOTV Archive Image VOTV Archive Image


The old tutorial. All assets are intact, and it can be played through until the end. The player was originally going to learn about vehicles and the power block, but those assets have been moved out of bounds. It ended by the player typing "cake" into the console, which would then produce red text saying "is a lie" and then booting the player to the menu.


An updated version of the old tutorial, most of the rooms and assets from the old tutorial remain the same except with a few changes and a couple new updates. Tai-9999 prop will replace all the speaker props and there are blue lighted cameras, that follow you regardless of location, in every room.


Was the tutorial for the main game, features the tutorial on interacting with objects and items, as well as moving around, using the Playback, Denoising, Coordinate, and Filtering terminal, using the command console and repairing servers, and how to send processed drives. Although one strange feature is the Jellyfish that randomly fly around the map and phase through, this is a bug.

VOTV Archive Image VOTV Archive Image


The current tutorial, it has a ton of hidden easter eggs and secrets. The map, lighting, textures, and build is very similar to that of untitled_61.

There are tons of rooms used for the tutorial which include and feature general controls, general interactivity, Playback, Denoising, Coordinate, and Filtering terminal tutorials, basics of the command console and server repairment, basics of power transformers, and the end of the level. The list here will also all the hallways and corridors.


Continuation of the tutorial3 secrets. This world has similar ambience, lighting, textures, terrain, and build as tutorial3.

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